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About us


Adventure Israel is designed to empower, inspire, and energize all of its clients through safe and fun-filled expeditions while developing an appreciation for Eretz Yisrael. Through these expeditions, we teach and develop core values that directly facilitate positive results, both personal and corporate.


Adventure Israel is fully Licensed and Insured.



Our mission is to provide safe and exciting expeditions and workshops that go far beyond adventuring and reach into the world of self-growth, personal acheivement, and corporate success.


We acheive this vision by combining years of experience in the coaching world with a contagious passion for adventure travel.

Our Team

Ariel Fishman, Adventure Israel's founder, grew up in upstate New York. Inspired by his father, Ariel developed a passion for outdoor adventures. The experiences of his youth became the brickwork for what is today's premier wilderness adventure coaching program.


Ariel, and his wife Hindy live in Moshav Neve Michael with their five little adventurers Meira, Tehila, Noam, Eitan, and Amitai. Ariel takes tremendous pride in Adventure Israel. He brings together his extensive experience as a wilderness guide as well as his background in coaching to simultaneously energize all his trips with unmatched adventure and lasting inspiration. With his instinctive ability to relate to people and their challenges, both personal and corporate, he passionately builds lasting and growth-oriented relationships.


In 2001, Ariel opened Ramote Expeditions, a NY-based adventure provider. In 2009, Ariel co-founded ACE high school in Israel (www.aceisrael.com) which uses Adventure Israel's methodology year round in a school setting.

  • New York State Licensed Guide
  • Licensed Rappelling and Canyoneeering Instructor  (Wingate) 
  • Certified Wilderness First-Aid CPR/ R.T.E
  • Licensed Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer with local EMS
  • Certified Lifeguard and Licensed NAUI Scuba Diver
  • Founder and Director of Ramote Expeditions
  • Certified Lifecoach and NLP Practitioner


Tani (Netanel) Prero,  is Adventure Israel's ODT director. As an avid outdoorsman and super-friendly people person, Tani inspires participants to success using a personalized approach and exciting challenges. As a certified wilderness therapist and master ODT facilitator, Tani knows how to make people feel comfortable in the outdoors, and helps them recognize their skills and unique talents. Beyond facilitating games, Tani facilitates relationships, helping co-workers, teammates, and students smooth out their differences and work together more effectively. Tani is also a captivating speaker, his presentations are dynamic, funny, interesting and engaging. When he talks, people want to listen.
 For nearly a decade, Tani has been running Camp Yagilu, a wilderness survival sleepaway program that weaves group initiatives and trust-buidling games into an intense adventure program. From building water-proof fires to 10-day backpacking treks, he teaches many wilderness skills and survival strategies, including how to fend off a hungry wild bear (one of the many stories Tani loves to share). These skills are then utilized as lessons for life and building blocks of self-growth. Tani consistently guides and inspires people to reach new heights they never knew possible.


Tani Prero earned a Master’s degree in Education from Loyola University of Chicago, as well as certification as a Wilderness Adventure Therapist from The Kibbutz College, and rabbinic ordination.

Yaakov Lehman earned a B.A. in Global Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he founded an annual 3,000 person music and arts festival. He went on to earn an M.A. in Global History from the London School of Economics and an M.A. in Global Studies from the University of Vienna, where he specialized in East Asia; Yaakov is proficient in Mandarin Chinese. He is Founder and Director of DAJUS ('Da Jews'), an organization dedicated to publicizing the Torah values of Diversity Awareness Justice Understanding and Sustainability through creative media. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the European Union Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, the Dorot Israel Fellowship, and the Threshold Jewish Educational Entrepreneurship. Yaakov is also working as project director of The Israel App- a virtual tour guide mobile application featuring hundreds of sights across Israel. He is a certified Tai-Qi teacher, whose classes feature a unique integration of ancient Chinese body movements, Jewish mystical teachings, and group reflection on technology's impact upon ourselves, our relationships, and our society at large.



Adventure Israel is proud to have Yaakov bring his immense knowledge, super-people skills, and awesome sidelocks to our ODT programing.

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