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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Personalized Adventure Courses

Friday Afternoon Rock Climbing Course

Rock Climbing Course


Learn Rock Climbing Basics, right in our area. Meet each Friday for 2-3 hours of exciting and challenging top-rope climbing. Discover the vertical world around you and put your determination and skills to the test.


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Rappelling Course

Rappelling Basics

Duration: Four days

Description: Learn the knots, the gear, and the technique to safely rappel. Get to know some of Israel's lesser traveled canyons.


Rappelling Advanced

Duration: Two Days

Description: Build on the Rappelling Basics course and learn rescue techniques and advanced skills. (Rappelling Basics is a prerequisite for this course.)


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Duration: One Day and One Night

Description: Learn to read a topo-map, locate yourself, and navigate to your destination. Challenge yourself to a night-orienteering event to bring home the skills learned.

Mountain Biking Intro

Duration: Two Days

Description: Master the skills to comfortably ride Singletrack trails. Learn bike handling and rider positioning while enjoying some of Israel's finest biking trails.


Mountain Biking Advanced

Duration: One Day

Description: Discover the world of technical mountain biking. Learn how to ride the steeps, over obstacles, and around tight turns.


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Workshops and Seminars

We present custom designed workshops and adventures that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.  Click HERE for the Adventure Israel CorpConnect ODT Program! 
You choose the topic, duration, and desired results and Adventure Israel puts together a customized workshop which weaves your topics into our presentation. Our discussions, games, and challenges are specifically chosen to help you accomplish your goals for your students, staff, or team.
Possible Topics include:
- Building Confidence
- Positive Group Dynamics
- Taking Responsibility
- Learn to Trust and be Trusted
- Communication
- Self-awareness
- Goal Attainment
- Leadership and Motivation
- Conquering Fears
- Thinking into Results
- Sub-conscious Learning
All of these important life-skills are discovered and developed through a combination of open and exciting discussions, hands-on group games, and fun challenges.

One-on-One Adventure Coaching and Teen Coaching

Adventure Education and Adventure Therapy are recognized internationally as powerful tools towards self-growth and empowerment. In a world inundated with technology which corrodes our connection with nature and with ourselves, it is easy to see that we have damaged our ability to focus, persevere, and appreciate. Adventuring effectively rebuilds and fortifies these important values by making them imperative functions of the adventure itself.


Adventure Israel, is built on the premise that those who push through any challenge, truly grow beyond their previous abilities.  Adventures by definition are comprised of challenges and packaged in fun. Could you ask for a better combination?


Luxury Caravan Rentals/RV's

We at Adventure Israel are proud to work with Caravan HaEmek luxury caravan rentals. Now you can camp right on site for any adventure while enjoying the comforts of an amenity-packed caravan.


Visit www.caravalley.co.il for pricing and more information.

Paintball and IDF Tactical Paintbal

Adventure Israel is excited to provide our clients with paintball events around the country as well as IDF-style tactical training and combat drills.


Learn weapon handling, camouflage, Krav Maga, and more with reserve combat soldiers.



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