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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Adventure Options

The following adventures are available for individuals, groups, and corporations. Each and every adventure is customized based on your requests.

Leave the daily grind behind and get out into the great outdoors. Try rappelling, mountain biking, survival, or hiking.

Rappelling and Canyoneering



Challenge your self. Break through fears. Have a grand 'ole time! Rappell into the world of Israel's canyons, caves, and cliffs and be your own hero!




ODT Workshops


Adventure Israel's ODT events are a fun and effective way to get quickly and sustainably develop teamwork, communication, and mutual respect. We incorporate ancient wisdom and modern tecniques with loads of loads of challenge games and group initiatives.


A taste of the wild side:

Mountain biking Beiri National Park


A mountain bike is the perfect way to explore some of Israel's best secrets while challenging your mind and body with a smile!

Survival and Orienteering


Ingenuity, Creativity, Motivation, Vision.

Are these the values you need for a life of success? You bet. They are also the values you need to survive in the wild. Come learn how to Navigate, Procure Water and Food, Build Shelter and Fire as you discover the tools for success in the workplace and home.

Hiking and Backpacking


Get to know Israel and yourself by hiking and backpacking through its mountains, riverbeds, deserts, and plains. From the Golan to Eilat, Israel boasts an exciting variety of terrain and equally exciting history.

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