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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Adventures in Israel

We have many great adventure options to choose from for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration. 




Shilat Adventure



Trip Description:

This trip is the ultimate culmination for your son or daughter’s Rite of Passage in Israel. Discover a side of Israel that will have your family excited and energized while connecting to the core values of Jewish Leadership.

Our day starts at a meeting place in the Ben Shemen forest which is less than an hour from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
From our cars there is a short walk to a cliff-top viewpoint of the Israeli village of Chashmonaim, named for the famous empire that was founded by the Macabees. After learning about the region and a brief safety introduction to rappelling/abseiling we set up our ropes on the 30 meter cliff face (this can be adjusted to a smaller height for groups unsure of their abilities) and begin with the action-packed rappelling.
For those who are scared, we are proud to say that our guides are devoted to helping you get past the fear and learn to enjoy the challenge and beauty of rappelling. Once we are wrapped up with the rappelling, we head over to a nearby picnic area beneath a canopy of pine trees to set up our fire-pit and lunch preparation. This lunch is truly something to remember as we do the process from scratch, from the kneading of the dough to using only friction to light our fire, we discover the primitive skills in making a tasty a nutritious array of foods including fresh baked pitas, grilled eggplant, and roasted garlic accompanied by a selection of dips and salads and of course Turkish coffee for the adults and marshmallows over the fire for the kids. 
After our ethnic lunch we head back to the cliff for a thrilling taste of rock climbing. Rock climbing challenges the mind as much as the body and with some simple climbing technique and determination, we get to climb up that 30 meter face that we only a short wile earlier scaled down. This day is truly packed-solid with action and fun and can be catered to meet the requests of a wide array of abilities and intensity.
The Macabean Revolt was a message to all of us about courage, determination, passion, and leadership. These qualities are essential to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah passage into adulthood and its demands on today’s Jewish youth. These same skills are called upon and developed through our adventures.  Let Adventure Israel make this historic event an integral part of your family’s memories, and more importantly, its future.

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