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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Survival and Orienteering

An introduction to navigation and survival in the Adulam Reserve with a focus on transferring the technical skills into goal-attainment tools for life.

Wild Edibles and Foraging Tours

Discover the Edibles in Israel as we forage and cook up totally organic and historically rooted meals. Local recipes of yesteryear become real, relavant, and tasty as we tour the fields and forests of the Judean hills.


This is an ideal event from Novemeber through March when Israel is in bloom.

Onion, Wild Asparagus, Nettles, and Local Lemon sauteed to perfection near Ein Mata.
Slow baked cake on a bed of coals
Acorn Coffee from Nachal Zanoach
Soothing Sage Tea out in the Carmel Mountains
Primitive fishhook we carved out of a goat mandible
Now this is how to eat!

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