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Adventure Israel Group Games and ODT

Adventure Israel's ODT workshops are a fun and effective way to create positive group dynamics and powerful leadership skills. By using challenging outdoor games, participants quickly becomes physically, emotionally, and mentally engaged in a team-development process. Open communication, healthy trust, invested cooperation, and problem-solving skills are discovered through an experiential platform.
From Shepherding to Tai Chi, IDF-style army training to Construction, Ethnic Outdoor Cooking to Survival skills, Adventure Israel's ODT programing is diversified and customizable to maximize the experience for each and every client.

A sampling of some of the games that are incorporated into our adventures.


Playground Trust Walk


Walk, climb, swing, and slide your way through a playground, just like you did as a child. With only one small added challenge, a blindfold. Used to teach and promote communication, focus, and trust within a group. The elements of a playground become challenging tools for cooperation, leadership, and lots of smiles.


Radioactive Waste


Work with a team of eight people to make it from point A to point B without spilling a drop of the “radioactive waste” along the way. Final challenge is to empty the “radioactive” contents into a safe vessel without touching the containers at all. Sounds simple? Then you must be a pro at delegating, leading, and coordinating multiple tasks effectively without frustration or dissonance amongst your charges.


Group Juggle


Want to clown around? How about juggling five to ten objects with your group of friends or coworkers with the following condition: nothing can hit the floor or be thrown out of order. A fast and fun way to work together under pressure. In this game everyone is a team-mate and the burden must be shared equally.


Samurai Warrior


Flex your ninja muscles and hone your Chi as you train in an ancient martial-art. A funny game used to loosen up and break a group out if its formalities while helping each individual work on his/her reflexes, focus, and mental agility.




Put your team-leader, CEO, or boss in the A-frame, and let the underlings pull the strings, literally. A perfect opportunity to punish the elite and please the masses while discovering how teamwork, cooperation, and individual responsibility are master tools for reaching goals. Not for the faint of heart.


Pairs Tag


When was the last time you enjoyed a good game of tag? This game is built on the premise that two is better than one and incorporates this belief into a simple game of tag, a couple of knots later, you’re off to the races. Running with a partner has never been so much fun, or frustrating, you decide. Work through hindrances and reach your goals with style be learning how to use challenges to make you stronger.


Wind in the Willow


Support your team, catch their falls, and keep them standing strong as the winds of change try their luck. This activity is dependant on trusting the people around you and being trustworthy yourself.


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