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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and Backpacking


Adventure Israel has got the counrty covered with hiking options from the very north to the very south of Israel and everything in between. All hiking adventures are packed with the relevant historical information, descriptions of local flaura and fauna including tips on edible plants, and course challenging and invigorating exercise.


Here are some of the top pics:


- Har Ardon and Shen Ramon in Machtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater/Negev)

- Ein Mabua to Wadi Kelt (Judean Desert)

- Nachal Darga (Judean Desert)

- Nachal Zavitan (Golan)

- Har Shlomo (Eilat/South Negev)

- Har Meron (Galil)

- Namer Cave and Nachal Betzet


Trek Israel with us and enjoy a safe and memorable journey!

Har Ardon
Mountains above the Red Sea
Climbing out of Machtesh Ramon
Haading down into Ein Porat, the scenic route
Last leg of Har Ardon

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