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Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?
Are you ready to ADVENTURE ISRAEL?

Family Friendly Adventures


Adventure Israel specializes in creating unforgetable family-friendly adventure packages. Although we pride ourselves in providing intense and extreme adventures for the seasoned traveler, we know how to tame it down to meet your needs. 


For some people, dangling atop a 200' cliff does not exactly sound like it should be part of their vacation. Others, coming with kids or relatives of varying ages and abilities are looking for something that will please everyone. As such, we offer many adventures that are exciting but not too extreme. 


To start with, their are many lovely sites that are accesible by a short walk where we can set-up rappelling or climbing at a lower height. You tell us what you think works and we will find the location that fits the bill.


In addition, we offer activities that are a perfect match for anyone, such as pita baking and fire-making skills, ethnic cooking works shops, shepherding and farming events. Of course, camping and hiking will make just about every kid smile.


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